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Anjuman Samaji Behbood vision is of a Pakistan where everyone has access to effective sanitation and safe water

Over the years receiving billions of dollars as foreign loans/aids government is failed to provide basic amenities to the citizens governmental exclusively

• Government is not empowered due to its dependence on International financial Institutions, Consultants and Contractors.

• Hence People are poor because they are treated as poor,Proper information, technical and managerial guidance to their resources can solve there problems   on self-help basis.
  Informally poor people are paying all the time to Government Mafias. If this money is channeled into development, the financial constraints can be overcome.

• ASB Bring Social behavior change, through mobilizing financial & Human resources for infrastructure development

• ASB making the bridge to influence policy change, through creativity, research and Self managed, Self- financed and Self-maintained component sharing   model of development.

• ASB creating sense of ownership in the communities and at all levels of government

• ASB’s approach has opened a way to build a sustainable co-ordination and cohesiveness. As a successful development model for urban and Rural areas.
  In order to plan development in a systematic way, available facilities, gaps and future needs are required proper documentation which will help to prepare and   implement effective and integrated development plans

• With the core funding of Water Aid ASB mobilizing,and organizing communities to construct self-managed, financed, maintained their own water and   sanitation infrastructure. Where People and Govt. work as a partner on two levels

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