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Social Mobilization

For Sustaining Community Institutions

Punchayat / Jergah

Masjid Committees

Muhallah Committees

Salat Committees

Zakat Committees

City Aid Groups

Cooperative Societies

Local Councils

Markaz Councils

District Councils

Isla-e-Muashrah Committees

Welfare Societies

Reasons for Low Profile

Defective Need Assessment

Poor Socio - Cultural Considerations

Absence of Leadership in the Community

Group Domination in the Community

False Commitments by Organizers

Defective Organizational Procedures

In-effective Motivation

In-adequate Training and Guidence

Lack of recognition and respect

Mis-matching of incentives

Selfishness of dominated individuals / groups

Absence of proper accountability

Discontinuation of follow up services

Element for Conducive Environment

Anticipated Difficulties

Poor Command of Change Agent on the subject

Inadequate assistance

Non availability of resources

Disappointing response from community

Strategy for Change

Deploy dedicated and devoted change agents, impart   full training and establish a continued monitoring   system

Build the confidence of Community

Make comprehensive situation analysis

Suggest minimum and most promising changes to   the willing individuals

Pool the resources of community where these are   beyond the access of the individuals

Conduct detailed surveys of pre and post situation   and quantify the change

Use services of local forward group for multiplication   of the change
1 Community Organizer Dedicated and Devoted
Capable to satisfy the community
2 Organiztional Goals and Objectives Clear and well defines
Quantifiable and acceptable
3 Community Groups Preferably Homogeneous
Free from enmities
Have positive thinking
Face identical problem
4 Inter-actions Frequent between community   members
Well planed between Organization   and Community
5 Leadership Dedicated and Devoted
Always inclined to watch the   community interest
Should have sufficient time for   community works
Free from personal biases and   believer in justice
Should feel sufficient incentive in   program
6 Membership Voluntary
Business Oriented
Generally acceptable to majority
7 Rules and Regulations Simple and understandable by   majority
Fully backed by Government
Implemented in letter and spirit
Evaluated and modified