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Anjuman Samaji Behbood (ASB) Faisalabad Pakistan
ASB field Team adopt the following steps for social mobilization and undertaking the physical infrastructure works:

Identification of the project area

First contact to the concern Community of the village with informal meeting
Transect walk (walk and talk) of the area
Identification of influence individuals

Social Mapping

Name of area
Total # of streets
Total area in acres
Total Population

Data Collection

About household
Preparing Detailed Profile of each Street
Street #
Street length and width
Type of Street pavement
NO. Of houses
NO. Of shops
NO. Of Vacant Plots
Type of Public buildings in the street
Total Population of the street
Sex Composition
Status of wastewater arrangement in the street (running, blocked and choked not available etc.)
Identification of Activist in the street
Any CBO in the settlement
Past initiatives of the CBO
Willingness of the community for the development of the area
Preparation of street level map

Existing Infrastructure Documented Map of the Area

Street Pattern
Direction of flow of Sewers/Drains
Who paid for the drains/sewers
Type of Street Pavement
Who paid for street pavement
Secondary/Primary source of sewerage
Missing links of Secondary/Primary system
Disposal point (pumping station etc.)

Preparing the poverty profile of the settlement

Source of income
Land owner or business or labor
How many acres of land
Source of water supply
Availability of latrine
How many latrines
Transportation source
House status/Kacha-pakka

Preparing design, cost estimation of Internal & External lines

Preparation of summary of sub-projects for the presentation in the TSC meeting & dispatch to TSC members
Presentation of sub-projects in TSC Meeting for Approval
Final approval by the ASB Chairman

Community Dialogues

Informal discussion with community (both male &female) members
Introduction of the ASB-approach, components and objectives
Methods or Terms of Partnership
Probing about the area development
Community meetings at street level
Identification of community activists
Identification and selection of Lane managers
Discussion with community and prioritization of the sewers facility
Organization of VSC among the lane managers/activists
Exchange/Exposure visits of other sub-projects (completed or in progress) executed by ASB for the community activists
Organizing the community meeting for discussion on the internal/external
Discussion on cost estimates
Preparing and signing of Memorandum of Understanding between VSC and ASB.
Training VSC
Collection of shares from individual houses by the lane managers
Training of masons and laborers about laying low-cost/appropriate sewers
Helping the Community for the availability of low cost material (pipes, cement, crush, bricks, sand & labors etc.)
Purchase of construction material
Execution of primary/secondary level work by the Labor arranged by the Community
Technical back up Support & Supervision at the time of execution by ASB
Monitoring and physical verification of the Internal/External work by ASB & VSC
Day by day Documentation of the Execution of work by ASB & VSC
Opening Ceremony of lane sewer connecting to the Primary/Secondary system by the Community
Completion and handing over the sub project to the VSC formally
Operation and Maintenance of the services by the community
Final Report submission to the ASB
Impact Assessment by ASB

Repaired By:
Nazir Ahmad Wattoo
ASB Faisalabad August 11, 2005