Design and implementation of a water supply and sanitation project for providing efficient, reliable, affordable and enviromentally sustainable system in UC 60 Lahore

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Project Documents
Present status of Water and Sanitation in Badar Colony UC-60

Pipe Water supply non existent

Mostly hands pumps, Shallow depth wells/pumps -poor water quality

No proper Sewerage / Drainage system

Prevailing Unhygienic and improper sanitation conditions

Poor health of the Inhabitants

Project Concept

The community involvement paradigm was officially adopted by the international community during 1977 World Water Conference in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

The conference adopted a slogan which was “Water and Sanitation for All”. The project is based on the integrated approach of water and sanitation for UC 60 community.

This project presents an ideal opportunity for demonstrating mechanisms for improving urban services within the current institutional limitations in the light of National Sanitation Policy.

Stake Holders / Partners of the project

Urban Unit, Planning and Development

Anjuman Samaji Behbood (ASB) Faisalabad


City District Govt. of Lahore
Sewage Leakage
Organizational Chart of Changa Pani Program
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