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Mr.Asghar Bhalli
Ex-en Wasa Lahore

Background of UC 60

Union Council 60 is a poor peri urban community located in Aziz Bhatti Town near Rangers Headquaters Lahore. They have no access to government water supply and sanitation schemes. Poverty, illiteracy and absence of any health and hygiene programme has resulted in poor community health. 37 to 42% adults and children were sick in last three month from water and sanitation diseases. The Changa Pani Program an integrated project to provide water supply and sanitation in the area.
Present Status of Water and Sanitation in Badar Colony UC-60 Lahore :

Pipe water supply non-existent

Mostly hand Pumps, Shallow Depth Wells/Pumps-Poor water quality

No proper Sewerage/Drainage system

Prevailing Unhygienic and Sanitation conditions

Poor health of the Inhabitants

UC-60 in Lahore
The spot shows the place where we
        working in Lahore Pakistan
The Map of City District Lahore