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Anjuman Samaji Behbood works with people in different cities of Pakistan to improve their quality of life through improvements to water, sanitation and hygiene education using local skills and practical, sustainable technologies.
Specially in Faisalabad the third big city of Pakistan.
Faisalabad city consists of chak numbers, or numbered villages, which have become urbanised over time. The layout of these chaks was planned in 1885. The original city is Chak number 212 and the area consisting of Peoples Colony, Madina Town and Kohinoor Textile Mill area is Chak number 213. Chak number 214 consists of 94 murabas, of these one is Dhuddiwala East and the other is Dhuddiwala West.
The rest of the murabas were agricultural land. Land in Dhuddiwala and the chak itself was owned by three bradries or clans. These were the Wattoos, the Kamonkas and the Balas. With the two murabas that constitute Dhuddiwala, the government had reserved land for expansion. On some of this land refugees settled at the time of partition along with a few families coming from the rural areas. These settlers were permitted to settle free of cost by the Chaudhries, or leaders of the clan, for humanitarian reasons. Due to this, and later developments, the population of Dhuddiwala has increased from 500 in 1947 to 8,080 in 1999.
Faisalabad City Profile

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1. Establishment and     growth of Faisalabad

2. Land use Pattern

3. Socio-Economics     Characteristics

4. Establishment and     growth of Katchi abadis     Slums

5. Preliminary identification     of Slums and Katchi     abadis

6. Making the clusters of     Slums and Katchi     abadis

7. Selection of Wards /     clusters for ASB     intervention

8. Steps formulated for     Social Mobilization     Process

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