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Selection Process of MD WASA in Punjab
Selection Process of MD WASA in Punjab

Need for Leadership in WASA's

WASA and Water Utilities in Punjab will be going through Organizational and Institutional   Reforms

Managing Director has a key role in reforms management and implementation, managing   change, leadership role and will provide strategic leadership in WASAs

Various stages of reform

  “……. at various stages of any reform process, leadership can and may assume different   forms. For igniting and catalysing reform, leadership may come in the form of ‘users’.   Equally, leadership may be drawn from institutions and as much from individuals……”
  Quotes from the e-discussion on the role of leadership

Design Process for Recruitment of MD WASA's

October 2005 invitation and application only gained response from engineers   working in   WASAs and PHED

A new engaging , attractive and open to all advertisement was designed by   UU in November   2006 and widely published in National News papers

Qualification included social and pure science including Engineering Degree

Selection process and presentation guidelines were also included in the advertisement

Design of Application Form

An Application form was designed which engaged the applicant based on leadership   experiences, change management , ability to lead the team and experience and knowledge of   WSS sector

In all 93 applicant applied and filled up the form

57 were invited for the written evaluation after screening exercise

46 appeared for the written evaluation on 18th December 2006

Written Evaluation

All candidates were sent reading material on 14th December 2006
     National Sanitation Policy 2006
     National Drinking Water Policy (Draft)
     Policy Note : Executive Summary of the Road Map

Written Evaluation was 110 minutes based on strategic planning case study and response to    a emergency situation in WSS sector

Assessment Process

Blind Review of candidates by Independent Reviewers

Development of Assessment Rubric to Assess the Papers

Results were finalized and 40% weight age was given to written evaluation

Short Listing for Interview

A committee reviewed the candidates education, experience , application form

Qualification 10 Marks :
     Basic Qualification 05 Marks
     Foreign Qualification (Masters) 03 marks
     PhD Marks 02 Marks

Experience 40 Marks
     Total Experience – 15 marks
     Relevant Experience- 05 marks
     Leadership Experience- 10 marks
     Training Received / Imported (Leadership / Env. Sector) -10 marks

Application Form – 10 marks
     Change Management- 05 marks
     Financial Management – 05 marks

Written Evaluation - 40 marks

12 candidates out of 46 obtain more then 60% marks

Interview Process

Special Interview Committee formed by Government of Punjab

50 marks for interview

Five area of competencies

Each candidate to give short presentation
     Present their vision and strategic action for transforming WASA into independent,      environmentally and socially responsible entity

Five area of Competency to assess
UU have designed a Interview Assessment Criteria
10 marks each
     1) Leadership potential
     2) Strategic planning knowledge and skills
     3) Communication skills
  4) Management skills
     5) Understanding of issues in WSS sector

Final Selection

100 marks pre interview process
50 marks interview
Top most and suitable candidates from 150 marks may be offered the position after referees    report
Candidates on Board by March 2007

New Leadership - MDs

Pervaz Iftikhar           - MD WASA Lahore
Dr. Javed Iqbal         
- MD WASA Multan
Mahbood Ellahi-       
- MD WASA Faisalabad
Islam-ul-Haque,TI(M) -  MD WASA Rawalpindi
Tariq Mehmud           - MD WASA Gujranwala