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Outlines the impact of the Orangi Pilot Project’s low cost sanitation model.

Groundwater quality Pakistan
Groundwater quality information Pakistan ( PDF 148Kb)

This information sheet aims to identify inorganic constituents of significant risk to health that may be present in Pakistan's groundwater. It provides guidance to Anuman Samaji Behbood country office staff to target efforts on water quality testing and to encourage further thinking in the organisation on water-quality issues.

· Population: 152.1 million
· Infant mortality: 98/1000
· Life expectancy: 63 years
· Sanitation coverage: 54%
· Below poverty line: 32.6%
· Adult   literacy: 49
· Area: 796,000km²
· Capital: Islamabad
· Other main cities: Lahore,
  Peshawar, Qyetta, Karachi
· Water supply coverage: 90%
· Development index: 135
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