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Bench Marking in WASA's in Punjab
Bench Marking in WASA's in Punjab
Why Strategic Planning for BM

Expectation from the Leaders Managing Directors of WASA

“Think for a Living” ( Marshall and Tucker, 1992) not simply lifting and moving

Our focus is on creating new tomorrow , not reacting to yesterday

BM is an important tool to show where we are heading!

Purpose of Planning for BM

Avoid yesterday mistakes

Design internal institutional arrangement within WASAs for BM

Mapping Infrastructure –GIS ( UU and WASAs)

Agree on Indicators for B.M

Capacity Building needs for B.M Team/M.D

Design of M&E for BM in WASA

Integration with the Performance improvement Plan

Link B.M with the strategic plan and performance improvement plan

Define clear purpose of each WASA for example WASAL, WASAG, WASAM,   WASAF or   WASA R For B.M by M.D and team

Traps in B.M Process

Working Harder Not Smarter

Simply changing the labels …. Will not work

MDs/ We must change the way we think

Activity Trap

Six Critical Success Factors for Planning and Thinking Strategically
(R. Kaufman, 1994)

1) Move out of today’s comfort zones and use newer and wider paradigm for thinking, planning     doing and evaluating

 Differentiate Between ends and means ( Focus on “What” not “How”)

Use and Link all three level of results ( Mega/outcome, Macro/output, and micro/product)

Use Ideal Vision

Prepare Objectives

Define “need” as a gap in result ( not a insufficient level of resources, means or methods)

Institutional Arrangement and Capacity Building in WASA

Thinking on the Institutional Arrangement

Who will be in the BM Group at WASA?

How they will be selected?

What resources and training I will provide them ?

Capacity Building and Reporting

What kind of training / capacity building is needed

Who and how it will be provided

Why the previous initiative was not so successful

How the B.M will be reported

What is the role of leadership /MD in the process

Bench Marking Action Plan
B.M Objectives List of Indicators Team Compositing - Coordinator Training / follow up Reporting Schedule M & E
Bench Marking Data Sheet
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